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With the New Year celebrations coming to a close, our FRC build season begins! This is the start of the 14th season for team 359. This morning, the team gathered at school at 3:45am to head to kickoff at McKinley High School. Though many were sleepy, they were eager to learn about our new game. Kickoff started at 5:30am and lasted until approximately 45 minutes.

We gathered our kickoff kit, took inventory, and assembled to go back to Waialua. While compiling game manuals, students took a more detailed inventory of the new supplies. They anxiously awaited the brainstorming session to begin at noon. As the teams broke up into smaller groups to perform exercises that Mr. Lee had prepared for them. They worked eagerly to come up with probable and efficient solutions to start solving the problems given to them by FIRST this season.

Megan Bartlett

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Today, the second day of the 2014 robotics season, the team met at 12:00pm. Work started right away with building the playing field. Construction support cut the wood and put together the high goal.  The construction crew worked on the first CAD models of the proposed design and later in the day worked on a prototype for the intake.  Paul and Megan took pictures and video in order to document the progress. 

The Last part of the day was spent testing the prototype intake. The intake worked well, and hopes of improving it further will happen tomorrow. 

William (Tripp) Blaser


Sunday January 8

casey wood matsunaga max jeff

Team 359 is in high gear as we head into the third day of our build season. Members of the construction team, Matt, Mr. Matsunaga, Yoshio and Casey jumped right into making our intake prototype better. Cody, Draven and Kobe, part of construction support, finished building the high goal and the truss.

Our safety team is also very busy handing out safety tests, working on MSDS sheets and doing daily logs making sure everyone is safe. It was a long day and a lot of work was accomplished but it is only the beginning. We have six more weeks and our team is ready to overcome any obstacle in the way.

Cody Miyataki

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Today, the fourth day of the 2014 Build Season; Team 359, with the help of many mentors and volunteers, went to work as quickly as possible. Yoshio and Casey helped clean the auto shop and started making the barebones necessary to start the construction on the up and coming robot. Matthew and Cody immediately went to the computers and started designing basic and introductory parts of the robot within AutoCAD. William and Brianna tried their toughest to keep up with all of the photographs and film necessary for that day. Everyone put on their game faces and worked their hardest today.

After the initial preparation had been made, the construction team tried to perfect the prototype shooter that they started building yesterday. Within mere minutes, they were scoring goal after goal with their newly working shooter. The team felt accomplished at the end of the day, in hopes that everything will go even better tomorrow.

William Spence

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Sunday January 8

Team Day Off!


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Its the fifth day of our robotics build season and our team is still going strong! Megan, in charge of the teams website is updating the daily articles and setting up our social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. The video team is filming the designing and construction of our robot. Cameron, is creating a banner for our VEX IQ team to use at the competition. Creating digital copies of our Engineering Inspiration Binders is Vanesa, who scans each individual page of our physical copies then makes an index online. 

Our construction support team is making t-shirts to raise money for team funding. Finally, Matt is using the CAD program to create different designs and make 2d sketches of the robot. We have a lot of work ahead of us for the build season but our team is staying diligent and focused.

Cameron Yetta


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Team 359 is creating parts for the robot on AutoCad and continuing to cut parts using the water jet. The treads were put on the metal wheels. Matt is cutting parts using the water jet, while Tripp, Yoshio, Casey and Tyler are designing parts for the robot.

Meanwhile, Paul is continuing to work on the binder, and Vanesa is converting it into a digital version while Cameron designs the VEX IQ banners. William is filming everyone. The animation team is story-boarding for the 2014 fantasy animation. The entire Team 359 is working hard in their respective stations, ready for another year of hard work.

Tyler Tallboys

matt tripp matsu yoshi yoshio


cody computer hirota matsu yoshi

Another day passes as the team wraps up the first week of the 2014 build season, and man what a busy day it has been! The whole team has been working diligently as the first Saturday wore on and the progress is already visible. The construction team and the CAD team have continued collaborating and working together and they are ahead of schedule and have started making specific parts for the robot.  In response the construction mentors and kids started on brackets for arms and also finished cutting the custom wheel parts using our new water jet. The two divisions look forward to building the main aspect of the robot, the intake and and scoring mechanism in the next week or so.

On topic of the intake and scoring mechanism the Control Systems division worked on integrating a load cell for the scoring mechanism. This load cell is used for measuring tension, and has already been integrated into Labview! And of course the documentation team have been here all day to capture these moments. They have continued the diligent project of uploading pictures daily and working on the weekly video.  Keep working hard everyone and may our build season be a great one!

Tyler Myers

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Click here to view Week One's Safety Sheet.


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