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After a weekend of hard work, week four is finally here. Team 359 is headed towards the final stages of construction. The construction team is cutting out additional pieces for the robot as well as work on the robots transmission. The prototype electronics board had been completed, and the control systems team (Paul and Megan B.) have started construction on the actual board. The construction support team added the finishing touches to this years playing field. The video team is working on finishing the week three video as well as work on a video for the teams open house.

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Today Team 359 made a great amount of progress.  They are very close to finishing up the robot and handing it off to the programming team. The construction team created parts for the shooter. They also cut extra parts with the waterjet. Construction support is way ahead of schedule finishing up most of the open house signs. They also got a glimpse on how to embroider which will be needed to create the bumpers.  The documentation team has been doing a great job on taking pictures, updating and improving the website. The electronics section has created a working prototype board and is hoping to drive tomorrow. The Hawaiian kids had their first hula practice as well, preparing for our presentation in Minnesota.

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Week Four is coming to an end and Team 359 is working hard with only two weeks left in the build season. The Control Systems team began working on testing the first level of operator interface, making sure that everything works. Matthew H. spent the day teaching Casey N., and Draven O. how to operate the waterjet. They cut the robot’s top roller plates.

William S. on the Documentation Team worked on adding captions to all of the photos on our website that we took during the build season. Yok W. and Tyler T. on the Animation Team did more drawing for the Team 116 Animation Challenge. Cody M. took a break from working on the Safety Binder and worked on preparations for the Annual Open House. He designed badges for guests and updated the R.S.V.P. list.

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On pre-super-saturday The Hawaiian Kids were hard at work. Construction worked on creating spare components and mechanisms. Utilizing the water jet, bandsaw, and sheer, the construction team worked diligently throughout the day. Control Systems began the real wiring of the robot along with its pneumatic systems. They also looked at some of the preliminary code and began to update it. The animation crew continued to work on their needed frames for the upcoming animation. Cody Miyitaki, the safety captain, worked on promoting safety throughout the team and documenting his progress in the safety binder. The website team uploaded the daily pictures and articles, while video filmed and edited for the weekly video. With the build season ⅔ complete, Team 359 is on track to have a great year.

Paul Hutchinson

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