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Today the Hawaiian Kids were in early and ready to build as week 2 came rolling in. Construction began fabricating the appendage to be used to pick frisbees off the floor. Control systems ran a test of the vision processing capabilities built into the latest version of Labview using the 2012 (Rebound Rumble) Robot. The video team began a new week of footage for this week’s weekly video. The Animation Invention team began work on a new animation project for the contest hosted by Team 116, Epsilon Delta. Information on the contest can be found on their team website, here.

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Today the team accomplished a lot. They made good progress on the robot. The construction team is continuing to prototype different parts of the robot. They are also continuing to make and update their 3D CAD models of the robot design. The construction support team is quickly following instructions as the construction team works.

The construction support team is also separating and organizing new VEX PRO parts. There are many new parts for them to organize. The control systems team worked proficiently to learn how to use the new network variables in Labview. The documentation team worked on the website updates and new competition banners.

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Today was yet again another productive day. Construction continued to fabricate the various components required to make our design successful as well as welding together more of the frame. Control Systems had a little trouble formatting one of our cRios and continue to experiment with the problem. Construction Support made our stock room nice and pretty by cleaning the whole room from top to bottom (literally). Video team continues their customary work of filming and then editing said footage.  Graphics also continues to work on our presentation banners for the upcoming season. Website also is keeping their normal routine of posting new content daily. With Week Two just starting it looks as if we’ll have our robot done early.

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Sunday January 8

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Halfway through week two and progress is steady. The construction team made a few last adjustments to the shooter design and test them using the prototype. The construction support team prepped the robot crate for use this year. The control systems team began to wire up a test board for all of the electronic components that will be used on the robot this year. Animation Invention had a brainstorm for ideas on the scripting and story of the animation. As the day came to a close, The Hawaiian Kids gathered for dinner provided by team members and their families. Team 359 would like to say mahalo to those who provided food to the team.

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Today was yet again a productive day for The Hawaiian Kids. The day started at the same time school did because of the annual sixth grade orientation. After the orientation, Construction continued to improve the shooter prototype. System Controls began testing the electronics board while also assisting Construction with their prototyping. Video team,as usual, taped every important action and compiled them into our weekly video. Animation continues to work on their unofficial animation and having fun doing it. CAD continues to make minor adjustments to our robot plan and assist animation when necessary. Overall it was a long, but fruitful day for Team 359.

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Today the robotics team was proficiently working together to keep our progress on track. The construction team started making their shooting mechanism from the prototype they had decided onto use. They had the base plate of the shooter cut on a water jet, and constructed other pieces the they need to make the shooter. Some of the construction team worked on a CAD model for the shooter and tinkered around with SolidWorks and made adjustments to previous models. The construction support painted one of the spare robot crates.

The programming and control systems team worked on the camera for the robot. The new members learned how to solder wires together. They tested the camera and determined how it had to be positioned to properly shoot the goals using the retroreflective tape. They found the many distances and angles it could use. The documentation team uploaded to the website about the resume writing workshop earlier that day. They also looked for new social media sites to participate in.

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