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Week Six is finally here and The Hawaiian Kids are officially in crunch mode for the rest of the season. Control Systems continued to test out the various robot capabilities and programmed accordingly. Construction acted as a pit crew to Control Systems and began making spare parts for the robot. Construction Support organized one of our tool rooms. Visual Media put the finishing touches on our Week Five video. Other Documentation subteams continued their daily routine of recording and uploading media. With Week Six upon us build season is drawing to a close.

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Today, the team got busy to work. They all slowly trickled in starting at ten. As each member arrived, they got busy to work in their specific areas of the team. While the programing team busily worked on making various parts of the robot run properly with the designated buttons on controllers, the build team worked to make and adjust different pieces on the robot to make it work to the best possible accuracy. The drive team was close at hand helping the programming team with their tests. The construction team started to prepare and pack crates to go to competitions. The documentation crew worked busily to keep the website up to date as well as stay on top of things with pictures and videos. Additionally they helped design and print competition banners.

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Sunday January 8

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As time ticks by until the end of build season, Team 359 marches on. The construction and controls systems teams are still working together to make sure that all the of the robot works reliably. Control systems has created subroutines to automate many of the subsystems of the robot. These automated controls are will assist the drivers when competition season arrives, as well as allowing the programming of the robot's various autonomous modes to flow more smoothly.

The construction support team reformatted the low-cost goal we've been using to function more closely to the competition goal and began to pack spare tools into the crate for use at competitions. Website and video continue to work hard to bring you the daily articles and weekly videos to keep the website up to date.
With the open houses coming this Friday, the Hawaiian Kids are working hard to make the event, and this build season, as success in these last days of the six weeks.

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With less than a week in Build Season The Hawaiian Kids are working tirelessly to complete their designated tasks. Control Systems continued to work on the designated buttons and several new autonomous routines. Construction continued to make spare parts and started on constructing this year's bumpers. Construction support started inventorying the parts on the robot for the the bill of materials. Documentation students and mentors worked tirelessly to to keep team the team website, videos, and binders up to date. With Build Season winding down Team 359 is almost ready to compete.

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Sunday January 8

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We're halfway through week six and Team 359 is wasting no time to working on their robot. The main task for the construction team was to disassemble the robot, and then once down to bear aluminum, powder coat the robot the traditional red and black. The first few hours were the disassembly. Then all the metal had to be prepped for powder coating process. Then, finally powder coating and baking all the pieces took place. Meanwhile, the System Controls group worked on tidying up the electronics board while it was off the robot . The Hawaiian Kids' CAD members worked on wiring their CAD models. The website team worked on their website.

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The Hawaiian Kids unofficially started their day early in the morning with a visit from our new partners in education, The 500th Military Intelligence Brigade stationed at Schofield barracks. Right after school ended Team 359 got back to work with System Controls quickly began rewiring the robot after its date with the powder coating oven. Construction assisted Control Systems with the reassembly of the robot. Construction Support members organized several of our construction rooms and polished the components of the robot that were not powder coated. Documentation did what they do best and documented every motion. Several team members got some nice valentines gifts and on the note have a happy Valentine's day.

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On Friday, February 15, 2013, Team 359 held the event that they have been preparing for since the beginning of build season, the Hawaiian Kids bi-annual Statewide Robotics Open House. The Hawaiian Kids showed sponsors, special guests, parents, family and friends what they have accomplished during the six weeks of build season in a short tour of work stations and a demonstration of our robot, Supa Cherry.

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Click here to view the Robotics Open House Video


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