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Another year, another build season. The Hawaiian Kids met at 4 AM at Waialua High School to attend the annual Kickoff presentation at McKinley High School. The Kickoff Presentation is an annual event that FRC teams wait all year for. The purpose of the event is to announce the year’s game and is the official start of the six week build season. Also, this is the time when the robotics teams pick up their kit of parts. The kit of part is a collection of parts that are crucial to create their robot. This year’s game is “Ultimate Ascent”, in Ultimate Ascent teams attempt to score frisbees in four different levels of goals all with different point values. During Autonomous frisbees are worth double points. As an “endgame” teams will attempt to climb a pyramid like structure to score bonus points.To learn more about Ultimate Ascent click here. Kickoff was blissfully brief so 359 was able to go out to breakfast before returning to Waialua. Upon returning to Waialua members scurried about to complete various tasks pertaining to the robot and tomorrow's brainstorming session.

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Today, the second day of the 2013 robotics season, the team met at 12:45pm. Everyone checked to ensure that things were ready for the brainstorming session. The team was divided into five teams and they were given three tasks. After each task the groups were asked to share what they came up with.

For the next part of the day, members got to work in their various job area- construction, programming, documentation, video and construction support. The construction crew worked on a prototype for the shooter and the wheel hubs. The documentation crew and the video crew worked on taking photographs, video taping, the website updates.

The Last part of the day was spent testing the prototype of the shooter. The test was fairly successful. Some adjustments have to be made to ensure 100% accuracy. Overall it was a very productive day.

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Sunday January 8

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The Hawaiian Kids were ready to go on day three of build season. Work started early, with construction support continued to work on fabricating the field elements, with the high goal being put together in time to be used by construction and controls systems as adjustments to the prototype shooter were being tested.

In addition, construction also began work on the chassis and finished up the fabrication of the wheel hubs that had been designed using CAD in the preseason. The CAD division began to lay out the shooter design in Autodesk Inventor for sizing and layout on the chassis.

The video team worked on filming and edit for the weekly video and graphics began work on the new standing presentation banners for this year. As the season rolls on, Team 359 is moving with momentum.

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Team 359 continues to plow through build season. Work yet again started early in the afternoon and ended late at night. Construction support is continuing to build the high goal and the pyramid. Construction continued to fabricate our custom wheels as well as milling out most of the drive train. Control Systems mainly focused on teaching our newer members about Labview and setting up our cRio and wireless bridge. Graphics continued working on the presentation banners. Video Team continued filming everyone and working on the weekly video. With most areas ahead of schedule it looks like it’s going to be another great year.

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Sunday January 8

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Every division of Team 359 was working in high gear today. As construction began welding the frame together, the CAD team worked on finalizing the design of a magazine for the shooter and began creating the model for an intake module. The video team laid out a rough time frame for the weekly video, taking more footage as work continued. Documentation took some great photos and helped graphics work on finalizing the layout of the banners to be used for presentations and the pit. Control systems began to lay out the framework for the new code that could be done without the robot.

After a long and productive day of work, the team managed to find time to sit down for a nice dinner provided by some students and their parents. Mahalo to those who brought food today!

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Today the robotics team accomplished a lot, from construction to support to programing. The construction team put together the transmission for the robot drive. The alumni mentors helped draw the robot in SolidWorks. Together they are making great progress on the robot. The construction support team continued their work on the field construction and put together the pyramid with the help of two parent mentors.

The video team and animation team started to work on bumpers for the robot and making some banners for the team. The programming team worked on imaging the spare 2013 cRIO. They finished updating all of the computers with the newest FRC version of LabView. New experiences with the new Windows 8 OS is bring challenges as well as good learning experiences.

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With Week One finally over Team 359 is making excellent time. Work started right after school with the robot construction team finishing up the “belly pan”  and welding of our new drivetrain. CAD also finalized our robot design for this season so all we have to do now is build it. Control Systems began work on this seasons electronics board which is proving to be a challenge because of space constraints. Visual Media filmed this week’s voiceovers and finalized the weekly video. Communications and Public Relations finished the majority of this year’s binders (Engineering Inspiration and Sustainability/ Business Plan). Website continues to post daily articles as well as a weekly video. With all areas far ahead of schedule it looks like its going to be a great year!

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