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With Build Season almost halfway gone, The Hawaiian Kids are moving into overdrive. Construction worked on welding together various frame components and also troubleshooted components that have yet to be built. Control Systems began working on a preliminary code for this year’s robot and then went to preprogram part of the a utonomous routine. Visual Media put some finishing touches onto the week three video and then handed it over to website who uploaded it along with the daily dose of pictures and article. Animation worked on their animation project. Week four is here and things are starting to get hectic.

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Today, the FRC Team 359 made a lot of progress. They worked hard and got a lot done. With the robot soon to be completed and almost ready for programing, everyone was very busy. The main construction team made many more parts for the robot and made small changes to the ones that they have already made. Some of the team also made new CAD models of pieces, as well as updated previous ones.
The programming team worked on an outline for the new dashboard and a new vision processing program. The documentation team updated the website and kept up with pictures and videos.

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Reaching the halfway point of week 4 the Hawaiian Kids are powering through the build season. All day the construction team had been making some of the final parts for the robot. Even more importantly they got some important parts for the intake system welded onto the robot.
The control systems continued on working making their codes for the drive system work and were striving for accuracy on their encoder readings. They also did a joint operation with the construction team for the intake. They brought over the pneumatic system they had created for the intake to test it on the newly welded and finished component. While the test wasn’t a complete success it met some of our expectations to, the team has already started planning to make it better.
The construction support team had continued learning how to make stickers and even made a few! It’s not official but you might seem some being handed out at the tournaments... The animation has been making progress on their project for the contest they have entered. Last but not least documentation has been toiling hard at catching all the work and making their weekly videos.

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Sunday January 8

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Today construction pieced together the entire shooter assembly, allowing controls systems to test the angle mechanism designed for the shooter. Controls systems also further looked into using a second camera and vision processing program to allow the robot to detect discs on the ground autonomously. Animation has begun to flesh out the individual scenes is making revisions to character and object models as needed. Video and documentation continued to work on daily updates, weekly videos, and preparing for the upcoming open house.

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Today, the FRC Team 359 made a great amount of progress. They are extremely close to completing their robot and handing it off to the programming team. The construction team made a little mechanism that pushes the frisbees from the magazine to the proper shooting position. They checked to ensure it worked correctly then attached some pistons to their correct places. When the robot was working and ready to be tested, the programming team stepped in and hooked it up to test; the tests went well. Because the programming team helped with the tests, they did not get the chance to test the new vision processing program that they had just finished coding earlier that day.The documentation team made team stickers and uploaded Week 3 video to the website.

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The team climbed a pretty big ledge today, but it isn’t over yet. With week 4 coming to an end the construction team has gone past full speed as they continue to work endlessly. They had created a prototype mount on top of the shooter to help funnel in the frisbees from the intake. They also created and tested how the frisbees handle with the intake, from the ground and the feeder station. Needless to say even the precursor to the intake parts were impressive. The control systems team had already started coding the autonomous for the many that will come. They also continued to help the construction team with testing pneumatics and other tasks.
The last job we did tonight was weighing in the robot. With what we have plus added weight from future parts the robot is looking like it is going to fly across the field.

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