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Today the construction team went all out. They created a climbing mechanism and added it to the robot, then assembled all of the individual systems of the robot so that the robot would be ready for a final wiring layout. Control systems polished up the subroutines for autonomous mode. Animation began to lay out various scenes and environments.

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It seems a bit slow after the amazing and long day last Saturday, yet the construction team has still been working downright past nightfall. They have been creating small, yet necessary parts for the robot and assembled the transmissions and the chain for the drive.

The control systems crew have been working feverishly, wiring a great deal of the robot, and finished planning out all of the logistics for the electronics board. The documentary team has been working on keeping the website running in top shape, while the video team continued on the open house video.

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Team 359 is back in school, and with only two weeks left its time for crunch mode. Control Systems continued its wiring today and began on the pneumatics. Construction assisted with the wiring process by graciously mounting several components. Communications and Public Relations updated our Sustainability and Business Plan and began studying it for competition. Construction Support continued to work on the large amount of leis, buttons, and stickers we will be giving out at competition. Documentation is working tirelessly in preparation for our open house and also keeping up with the workload of build season. The Drivers finally got a practice day after Control Systems wired all electrical components. With competition coming up its almost time for crunch time.

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Sunday January 8

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Today control systems continued to lay out the robots pneumatic systems, and with the help of construction, managed to get most of the robot's systems up and running to test the driver operated functions of the robot. Video continued its work on the weekly update and the open house video. Graphics added some finishing touches to the competition display banners. Website continues with making daily updates. As open house approaches, Team 359 treks on.

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The end of Build Season is less than two weeks away and The Hawaiian Kids are scrambling to get the robot ready on time. Construction worked on fine tuning all of the mechanical components of the robot and assisted Control Systems with their automating process. Control Systems continued to fine tune the robot code to provide a seamless interface between the drivers and the robot. Construction Support continued to work on the free goodies we plan on giving away at competition. Graphics continued to work on our standing banners for outreach and competition events. Documentation continued their daily routine of capturing every movement made and putting a decent spin on it. All in all it was a very productive day.

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The Hawaiian Kids made the most of there final day of week five. Construction continued to adjust the shooter for higher accuracy. Construction support worked organized and cleaned the facilities. Control systems worked on the pneumatics system as well as working on code. The video team captured the team at work, and the Animation Invention team continued working on their animation projects.

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