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The Hawaiian Kids kept the momentum gained from week two going at the start of week three. Construction began finalizing the Frisbee shooter which involved creating the final parts, and then welding it together. Construction support worked on painting and refurbishing the robot crates as well as repurposing an old game element to be this year's feeder station. Control systems worked on the pneumatics system as well as figuring out the layout of the electronics board. The video team began a new week of footage for this week's weekly video. The Animation Invention team continued working on their animation projects.

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This Monday was a long one for the team, with everyone who came putting in 6-10 hours of work! It will all pay off soon, but in the meantime the construction team has continued working on finishing pieces for the frisbee manipulator. They also continued testing the shooter and modifying it to perform as well as they would expect it to. The construction support team worked on making the leis we give out at competition. They rang out the day with 13 dozen leis!

The programming and control systems team have continued expanding their knowledge in labview and were testing the encoder they had placed on the shooter prototype. They were able to get feedback and basic controls from the encoder halfway throughout the day. The documentation team continued to film everything, making sure they even caught Mr. Lee’s reaction to his surprise birthday banners and making the opening credits for the week three video. The Oakley Radar’s came in today! A big mahalo to Oakley for hooking us up with some sweet shades!

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As week 3 wears on to its halfway point the team is still working at their max. The construction team worked on creating a faux robot stand to mimic the actual dimensions for the robot. That way when they keep testing, the outcomes wont be that different than the actual robot. The animation team continued to work on their animation for the side contest they entered. They already have one of their characters for their story all built, as well as some scenery and part of a set!

The construction support team helped out the construction team, by helping them get the tools and parts they needed when necessary. Their day however was mostly spent on sandblasting and learning how to make stickers with Mrs. Pescaia! We think it might be safe to say there may be some stickers floating around with the leis at competitions.

And last but not least the control systems team finished the PID for their encoder on the shooter. With that done they can take full control of the speed of the shooter to keep it running at a the desired speed. Their next goal is to graph the speeds to see what to do with it. But in the mean time they are dealing with a small leak in their pneumatics system: a fix that shouldn’t be too tough for the 5 man team.

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Sunday January 8

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With The Hawaiian Kids over halfway through build season, it looks as if its going to be another great year. Construction took a small break towards the beginning of the day to help out Leilehua (4158) with their transmissions, they also welded more pieces onto the frame as well as making a more permanent stand for our shooter. Control Systems took advantage of this new shooter to try out some shots with it and test its encoders, they also tested more pneumatics earlier in the day. CAD continues to experiment with new ideas and digitally piece together our robot. Documentation continues to do their daily routine of updating and picture taking. Our middle school students learned the basics of Adobe Illustrator today and attempted to create their own bulldog. With everyone working hard it appears that everything will be ready on time.

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Today, the robotics team made lots of progress. They continued making the various pieces for the finalized design of the robot. They tested out parts that they had completed, and determined the appropriate adjustments needed. They also updated CAD models for the robot. The programming team mounted the camera to the shooter mechanism and created a targeting overlay and took measurements for multiple preset shots.

The documentation team updated the website and the sponsor list with a new grant the team has received. With the help of parts of the construction team, lots of pictures and videos were taken. They also finished their sticker designs in Adobe Illustrator. The animation worked hard to make a wolf for their fairy tale animation.
Overall the team made a tremendous amount of progress.

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Today construction worked on creating mounting pieces to assemble the various pieces of the the robot. Control systems started to create the layouts for various autonomous routines and worked out a temporary control scheme for testing the completed prototype when it is finished. Video pieced footage together for the weekly video. The animation invention team worked on finalizing the 3D models for use in their animation project.

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