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Today, the Waialua robotics team worked busily to complete the robot. The programming team was here to work out some of the bugs in the controls of the robot, and work quickly to make the robot's autonomous work even better than before. The construction team worked busily to make the small few adjustments needed. They also started to make spare parts to take to competitions. The support team worked to help documentation and construction. The bumpers needed to be fixed and fitted to the robot. While the documentation crew kept the website well up to date & the video team worked on the weekly video.

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We can see the end of build season. What happened to sleeping? It's crunch time! Every team member has been on full throttle, working hard at their jobs.

The construction team continues to make spare parts and to maintain maintenance on the robot, as Control systems have knocked out 1 of their planned autonomous'. The drive team has been practicing their game plan and strategies, while the documentation team has been working on putting up all the latest videos on the web..

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Sunday January 8

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Build season is almost over! With one day left after today the Hawaiian Kids are working non-stop. The construction team has continued making spare parts for the robot, as the Control systems division had the robot in their care all day long. With one of the many autonomous' planned down, the control systems team is ready to make more! Most of the spare parts, as well as the CAD robot, where finished today, and documentation was there to get it on pictures and film. Speaking of the documentation team, lets give a round of applause to them as they posted a lot of videos to various social media websites and added more articles and pictures to the website.

We'd also like to thank Cody, Myra, and Megan for making smoothies when it got really hot.

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As Build Season winded down The Hawaiian Kids worked until the last minute. Construction continued to make spare parts and began the powder coating process for the spares. Control Systems worked vigorously to finish up several new and very repeatable autonomous routines as well as making some last minute adjustments to the teleop code. The Drivers assisted with autonomous testing and practiced their general match strategy. CAD finished up the robot model and began working on a pit manual. Documentation did what they do best and taped and wrote to their hearts content. A big Mahalo to all parents, sponsors, mentors, and students for making this build season a huge success. See you at the competitions.

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Sunday January 8


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