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To start off week two, CPR members helped the visual media team to finalize the week one video and continued working on the Engineering Inspiration binder. The construction group finished the prototype shooter and the backboards of the field. They are now testing the shooter with the playing field they completed. CAD continued working on their animation storyboard and are creating objects useful for the animation itself. Meanwhile, the System Controls group began working on the software for the prototype shooter mechanism and continued converting our old drive programs to the current version of our programming software. Five weeks remain, and Team 359 continues to stay on track.

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Monday January 16,2012

Malcom Shooter Matsunaga Tripp Mentors

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, school is out, but there are no breaks for The Hawaiian Kids. Our construction team made some very major changes to our prototype shooter, which helped make it more accurate. They also began work on the  actual drive train. Meanwhile the visual media team continued recording and worked on their weekly video.Meanwhile, CAD remained in the process of working on their animation storyboard and script, while simultaneously virtually drawing the drive train. In another room, the Communications and Public Relations group worked on updating the team’s  Engineering Inspiration binder. The Systems Control team helped with the prototype shooter and practiced more advanced Kinect programming. Lastly, the website creators continued updating the website so it meets the judging criteria.

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Kawabata Cheryl Group Tripp Matthew

We’re halfway through week two and Team 359 is wasting no time to build their robot. The main task for the construction team is to work on the shooter mechanism and drive train which has undergone a serious remodel. The shooter has progressed in the last week from tearing up the basketballs to a decent amount of accuracy , but it is yet to be completed. Fortunately, we have narrowed down our requirements and are on our way to making an amazing shooter. Meanwhile, the System Controls group assisted with the shooter and are still in the process of perfecting their Kinect programming. The Hawaiian Kids’ CAD members wrote the script for the animation while simultaneously collaborating with our construction tam to build our drive train. Working just as hard, the Communication and Public Relations team (CPR) and Website Creators continued updating their projects. While the FRC team members worked on all their jobs, the middle school VEX robotics teams also stayed late working on their robots for their tournament coming up at the end of the month. Today, all Waialua Robotics members showed their “teamwork, commitment, and responsibility.

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Arnet Jonathan Mr.Wood Jacob Jeffrey

To get everyone started on their daily duties, Team 359 sat in for their weekly meeting. Once that was over, everyone went off to get their jobs started. The Communications and Public Relations (CPR) members continued to work on the Engineering Inspiration binder and prepared for the sixth grade orientation tomorrow. The visual media team continued to record the team working and edited footage at the same time. Meanwhile, the team’s website creators maintained their daily updates. System Control team began putting together a Texas Instruments computer, which is basically a control computer for testing our various prototypes. CAD worked diligently on their animation while working with construction to build a drive train as well. Last but certainly not least, The Hawaiian Kids’ machinists continued creating different types of shooters in order to see which one would be most effective one. This goes to show, it was a very busy day for everyone.

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Paul April Mr.Wood Mr.Matsunaga & Matsumoto Matthew

Today was a lengthy day for The Hawaiian Kids since the sixth grade orientation took place today as well. Local sixth graders visited our campus and took a tour of the entire school and most of our robotics facilities. It was a good opportunity for Team 359 to show the younger kids how great being in robotics really is. Late on during the day, the System Controls group finished their electronics board and helped CAD write their script for their animation as well. Our construction team while collaborating with CAD as well, finished the clutch for the drive train. Still testing to find the best scoring mechanism possible, the team’s machinists worked on creating more prototype shooters. Communication and Public Relations members continue their work on various binders. Last but not least visual media and web site are always completed their daily updates and footage.

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Programmers Jandie Malorie Mentors Kayla

With week two of build season now past, Team 359 is not falling behind in the flurry of the six weeks. The visual media team edited their week two video and took more footage. Meanwhile, the website creators, worked on uploading and downloading the website to new laptops, that way they are able to do robotics work while at home. The System Control team put a closed loop feedback for shooter testing and collaborated with construction on the shooter, specifically trying new motors to find the most effective type. CAD excitingly made objects for their animation video and continued to collaborate with construction about this year’s robot design. The Hawaiian Kids’ machinists worked hard on the drive train today and attached hoops to the backboard grid as well. Away from the robot in the documentation room, Communications & Public Relations members worked on an outreach section of the team binders to show how Team 359 reaches out and supports their community. Just four more weeks left of the build season, and The Hawaiian Kids continue their progress day after day.

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