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It’s the start of Week Six and Team 359 is scrambling to get things accomplished. To start the day off, some members of the team took a robot inventory and completed a list of all the parts used on this year’s robot. The System Controls team were hard at work debugging the wiring and pneumatics, while working to develop the robots drive code as well. Nearby, CAD continued the process of rendering scenes for the animation video. Unfortunately, the robot is currently overweight so the machinists spent their day in the auto-shop doing everything they could to help shed some pounds off of the robot. Meanwhile, the Visual Media team worked on editing the week five video and filmed the weekly spokespeople. The Website Creators were hard at work uploading the daily pictures and article, especially since an event took place away from all the building. The Composition and Public Relations spent the day working on the Appendix section of the Engineering Inspiration binder by making copies of all newspaper articles and letters that included the team. There is still plenty of things to finish for all of The Hawaiian Kids, so that means longer hours spent at the school working on their projects.

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Today was the first Sunday that Team 359 had to call a work day. First of all, System Controls tested out the robot’s capabilities and performance. They also made slight tweaks to the drive code to better suite the drivers’ needs. Construction remained close by in case of a malfunction while continuing to shed some pounds off of the robot. Of course the Visual Media team stayed to film the testing sequence and continued to work on the week five video. CAD finished the rendering process for the animation video and recorded the voice over as well. Down in the Documentation Room, the website creators created new pages to help rookie and experienced teams with various challenges. Meanwhile, the CPR group worked on the impact section of the engineering inspiration binder. For a half-day of work, today was a very productive day for everyone.

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Team 359 is back in school and things seem to be going great for everyone. The Construction team continued the robot weight loss, made bumper mounts, and worked out various bugs during testing. The System Controls group is collaborated with the drive team and machinists to test the robot’s limits and capabilities. For the drive train, they included a coast/brake function. For the animation inventors, they put the final touches on the animation video. Meanwhile the Visual Media team completed editing the Week Five video and took footage for week six’s video. Down in the Documentation Room, Website Creators uploaded the daily article and pictures. They also went through the website to correct all the errors that were present. Nearby, CPR worked with the team’s safety captain on updating Team 359’s safety binder. With only a few days remaining, The Hawaiian Kids are working hard to make the final touches on all of their projects.

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It’s Valentines Day around the world but that's not an excuse to stop all robotics work in Waialua. The Systems Control team continued working on the robot, as well as finding the best way to make the highest scoring autonomous, both Kinect and Non-Kinect. They also worked out the best ways to shoot and load the robot. Nearby, CAD put the finishing touches on the animation video and reduced its size to fit within the competition’s rules and regulations. Helping the CAD team was the visual media team who worked on Week Five’s video and continued filming as well. In the Autoshop, Construction machinists still worked on the robot’s weight loss. Busy today was the Website Ceators who did their usual updates and uploaded the animation video to the team’s site. They also met with the Graphics mentor, Ms. Pescaia, to help improve the website and prepare it for judging. Composition and Public Relations members worked with Mr. Lee to put the final touches on various award entries. Everyone is working extremely hard to complete their projects as the build season is quickly coming to an end.

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Today was yet another productive day for Team 359. The Systems Controls division worked extremely hard while testing the robot and designed several autonomous programs for it. They also thought of ways to make the drive station more usable. At the same time, Construction Machinists began taking apart the robot to weigh it’s parts and to prepare for powder coating. They also made a duplicate shooter for programming purposes. With the animation video completed, the CAD members continued making the robot in CAD for the Autodesk Award. On the Documentation side, the Visual Media members finished the Week Five video and started editing Week Six’s video. Composition and Public Relations worked with Mr. Lee and other mentors with the team’s Woodie Flowers’ Award entry. Last but not least, the Website Creators uploaded the daily articles and pictures. At the same time they went through the whole site to make sure everything is perfect and ready for judging. With the build season almost over The Hawaiian Kids can’t wait to attend regional competitions.

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The week is winding down here in Waialua, and everyone is very excited for the end of the build season. Today the Visual Media team filmed the spokesperson for the week six video and began editing it as well. The Website Creators spent the day optimizing the site for the website award, which included fixing several “alts” and doing away with the marque to pass the validation test. Close by, the Composition and Public Relations group helped with the weekly video. In Auto Shop, machinists continued the robot’s diet and prepared to powder coat the robot a nice, anodized red. The System Controls members worked on a personalized dashboard for the drivers station and brainstormed for autonomous ideas. Meanwhile, the CAD team was in the process of recreating the robot in CAD and also assisted with the construction of the robot. With the week and build season almost coming to an end, everyone is working extremely hard to accomplish their goals.

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With Week Six flying by, Team 359 is shocked by how fast the build season has gone by. Construction machinists started early in the morning to work on the robot’s weight loss and to powder coat the robot for that nice finish. Later, they transported field pieces into the cafe so the team will have a bigger and better practice area. The robot was then handed off to the System Controls group so they could work on wiring it up again. They also worked on the autonomous mode and the driver station dashboard. Meanwhile, the CAD team continued to create the robot on the CAD program.  Today, the Visual Media group worked very hard to edit the weekly video while the Website Creators fixed links on the site map and uploaded the daily pictures and article. The CPR group completed most of the team’s binders so they helped where they could by taking pictures of various working groups. Only a few days left of the build season, and everyone is scrambling to get things done since crunch time is now here.

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