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On the first day of week four, The Hawaiian Kids had more than just than an FRC build season day, they also had the VEX tournament at Stevenson Middle School (middle school teams only). While there, the middle school VEX teams did very well. Meanwhile, back at the school, the construction team was hard at work cutting metal to precise lengths for our feeder mechanism. The also finished the bumper mounts and drilled weight reliefs. The visual media team split today; some stayed at school while others attended the VEX tournament. Along with the storyboard, the CAD group put animated scenes together for their animation video. The System Controls members continued to work on the balancing assist as well as a targeting system, while continuing to master Kinect. Lastly, the Website Creators worked on uploading documents relating to Safety FIRST as well as the week four page layout. It was overall a busy day for everyone on Team 359.

Break Time Tyler Mr.Matsumoto Matsu's


Monday January 16,2012

Cheryl Binders Myra Mr.Wood Mr.Matsunaga

It’s the start of another school week and the construction members started welding, cutting metal for the shooter, and worked on the rotating turret. Team 359’s welding mentor graciously came in and volunteered to help weld the team’s robot frame. Meanwhile, Website Creators updated the “sponsors page,” took pictures, and met with their mentor on creating a new contact form. The System Controls members continued to work on a balancing assist as well as the targeting system. In the documentation room, CPR members updated the team’s Sustainability/Business Plan. The Visual Media team video-taped their team members and edited the weekly video. Last but certainly not least, CAD made environments for the animation video and created more props to go along with it. In the background, Team 359’s outreach mentors have been coming in everyday to make omiyage the team would give out at competitions. They spend their time labeling leis and necklaces and making buttons with our team logo, name, and number. With over half of the build season gone, The Hawaiian Kids continue on with their progress.

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Malorie Jandie Laptops Mr.Wood Mrs.Hirota

Another day of build season and the visual media team did their usual routine. The Website Creators corrected general bug fixes, made the website home page a little more friendly, and uploaded the daily articles and pictures. Close by, CAD continued to work on their animation’s scenery and props. Also nearby, the CPR team continued to work on the team’s engineering inspiration binder so that it will be completed by the end of the six weeks. Our System Controllers are dedicated to master the Kinect as well as creating our targeting system. In the auto shop, the machinists worked on how to make the shooter rotate and worked on mounting plates as well. During some downtime, some construction support members helped our outreach mentors with the team omiyage. Things are getting down to the wire here in Waialua, and everyone continues to stay on track as the build season comes closer to it’s end.

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Monday January 16,2012

Chairman's Award Megan Jandie Arnet Mrs.Souza

Team 359 is over halfway done with week four and they’re wasting no time. The CPR members continued to work hard to complete the team’s binders. Meanwhile, the visual media team took the daily footage and started working on the video for week four. The machinists worked on several different assignments today which included welding, working on bumpers and the Lazy Susan. The Website Creators updated the daily pictures and the articles that go with it. CAD members continued to work on scenery and props for the animation video. System controls, or the programmers, worked on making this year’s robot’s code (for testing) and worked on a plausible auto aiming mechanism as well. Today also marked the last day the Chairman’s Award Perpetual Clock Trophy would stay in Waialua with The Hawaiian Kids. So Team 359 members had a small photo shoot session with this honorable trophy during it’s last hours here on the North Shore. Hopefully one day, it will find it’s way back to the Hawaiian Islands.

Welders Yoshio Boys Mr.Wood Tripp


Malorie Jacob Mr.Wood Drill

With only one day left in week four, The Hawaiian Kids are shocked by how fast the build season has gone by. Our visual media team worked on week four’s video while editing previous videos to make it better. Nearby, machinists worked on the feeder/pickup mechanism for the robot. They also prepared the shooter to be installed on the actual robot.  As of right now the robot weighs a good 80 pounds. Across the service road, the System Controllers continued to work on a balance assist as well as a prototype drive code. In the documentation room, CAD members continued on with the animation’s props and scenery. They also drafted the animation storyboard. In the same room, CPR members worked on specific sections of the team’s engineering inspiration binder and continued updating the sustainability/business plan. Last but not least, the Website Creators made the site more navigable and uploaded the daily article and pictures. With week four nearing it’s completion, Team 359 is working overtime to make sure everything is of great quality and is done accurately.

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Monday January 16,2012

bend kawabata sheet tower tripp

Tomorrow is the start of Week Five and The Hawaiian Kids are astonished by how four weeks have gone by so quickly. Team 359’s Documentation sub-team have been working extremely hard for the past four weeks, and then some. The Website Creators updated the daily articles and pictures, while the Visual Media team filmed and edited the weekly video. Meanwhile, Composition & Public Relations members went on a treasure hunt for pictures to go along with a few award entries. Working just as hard, the System Controllers prepared to put the controlling elements on the robot. Nearby, CAD students fixed some of their animation glitches and worked on creating more props and scenery for the animation as well. Last but not least, Construction Machinists went to work on remaking the ball chute for the robot, as well as the robot bumpers. Our website and graphics mentor graciously spent a few hours after school to help embroider our team number onto the robot bumpers. A whole month has flown by and soon enough The Hawaiian Kids will be off competing in another regional.

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To view the Safety FIRST! article for week four, click here.


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