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Week five has officially started and it is a very good start for Team 359, thanks to a number of  mentors and former students showing up for the Saturday work day. The Visual Media team taped the student commentary for the Week Four video and continued to film footage for the Week Five video. Meanwhile, the machinists began powder coating the robot, made the Lazy Susan turret able to move, and created a prototype mechanism for pushing down the balancing bridge so that the robot is able to drive on. They even began powder coating some parts of the robot so that it stands out in competitions. In the Documentation Room, CAD members continued on with the creation of scenery and props to go along with the animation video. They also fixed some glitches they were having in the video. Composition and Public Relations assisted with the script and filming of the weekly video. Members also met with coordinator, Mr. Lee, on the editing of various award entries the team will be submitting this year. Close by, the Website Creators completed their daily updates and editing. The System Controls collaborated with the machinists all day, helping with the ramp depressor, and worked on the driver’s station computer. The Hawaiian Kids started off Week Five very well and got many things done today.

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It’s the start to another week of school for students and the construction division had a long, productive day. First of all, they finished the Lazy Susan Turret, welded, worked on the electronics board, and worked on the final version of the ramp-push-down device.  Across the service road, the System Controls team continued to work on the prototype code and inventoried the electronic components. They also made some wires for Leilehua High School’s robotics team, Team 4158. Nearby CAD worked out the glitches in the animation video. Meanwhile, in the documentation room, CPR updated the team’s sustainability/business plan and finalized sections of the engineering inspiration binder. The Website Creators completed their daily duties which included the of uploading pictures, articles, and Team 359’s safety captain’s safety tips for the week. Off in their own room, the visual media team finalized week four’s video as well as taking fresh footage for this week’s video. Everyone is trying their best to stay calm and keep their cool as the build season seems to be reaching it’s end quickly.

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It was a stormy day in Waialua but not even the rain could stop The Hawaiian Kids from doing their work. The Visual Media team finished last weeks video and they are now working on Week Five’s video by editing and filming. At the same time, CPR members collaborated with Mr. Lee and finalized some things on certain award submissions. They also updated the team’s sustainability plan and added sections to the engineering inspiration binder. In the testing room, the Programmers tested several SIM motors while working on the prototype robot as well. Nearby, CAD began rendering the animation video. Across the road, Construction machinists drilled holes in preparation for mounting the side plate onto the robot. They also sandblasted several metal parts. Another thing they worked on was the ramp-push-down mechanism. Almost halfway through week five and Team 359 is working hard to finish by the end of build seaason.

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At today’s weekly Wednesday meeting, Mr. Lee announced to the team that there are many events taking place and that these next few weeks are going to be very busy. A number of tours and demonstrations are coming up, so the whole team have a lot of things to prepare. After the meeting was completed, everyone started their preparations. Mr. Lee coordinated with people the team would be working with while others fixed last year’s minibot for the future robot demonstrations. Meanwhile, the Visual Media team worked on fixing the Week Four video which was previously too long and was unable to be uploaded onto the website fully. In the documentation room, one of the Website Creators prepared pages for the upcoming events. Nearby, the Composition and Public Relations group completed various sections to the team’s Engineering Inspiration binder. In the same room, CAD members spent their time rendering some scenes for the animation video. Off in the testing room, the System Controllers worked on LabView while they waited for the robot to be completed so they could work on some electronics. Team 359’s programming mentor, Mr. Wood, even traveled to Leilehua High School to deliver cables that were prepared for their team and to assist them with any other programming help they would need. All afternoon, The Hawaiian Kids’ Construction Machinists worked on the back part of the robot and the ball trajectory with the help from alumni and mentors. Things are not exactly on schedule here in Waialua, but Team 359 is working extremely hard to finish their specified jobs by the end of the build season.

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With one day left in week five, its starting to get hot and heavy here in Waialua. The System Controls group finally got to start on the electronics board as the construction of the robot is finally done. Nearby, CAD was in the process of rendering the animation to have it ready for the contest. Across the road, Construction finished the bumpers which are now ready to be mounted on the robot. They also aligned everything on the shooter and made the trajectory mechanism ready to function. On the documentation side of things, CPR worked on the outreach and impact sections to the team’s engineering inspiration binder. Meanwhile, the Website Creators updated the sponsors page and worked on the daily pictures and article. Today we also had a visit from managers from various McDonalds locations in the district. They who were given a tour of the robotics facilities and were shown several robot demonstrations. The Hawaiian Kids were extremely thankful for their generous donations they gave to the entire team.

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Week five is now officially over and Team 359 are in the final stages of robot construction. For Documentation, the Visual Media members took some last minute footage for week five’s video. They also edited the video and helped write the commentators script. Nearby, CPR and the Website team worked on the engineering inspiration binder and the daily articles and pictures. Meanwhile, CAD members waited for the scenes to render for the animation video. In the testing room, the System Controls team worked on wiring the robot and the prototype code. Also working on the robot, Construction machinists made the motor’s mount for the turret motor. With week five dead and gone, only one week of the build season is left.

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