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April Malorie Myra Buttons

With a third of the build season gone, The Hawaiian Kids are shocked by the amount of time that has gone by. The visual media worked on their weekly video which should be posted soon. The CAD group is in the process of creating their animation by creating buildings in the CAD software. Website creators is still busy updating the website while taking pictures of the team at the same time. Construction machinists are still working to make an excellent drive train and they have another group working on the robot’s frame. The System Controls group mounted the  shooter on a cart to make it easier to program from different positions on the field. With only a month left in build season, Team 359 continues to work hard everyday.

Boys Joshua Mentor Mr.Matsunaga Yoshio`



Monday January 16,2012

Mr.Wood Arnet Malorie Noah Cheryl

With the start of a new school week, The Hawaiian Kids are fueled up and ready to go. First off, our System Controls division took a trip to the Leilehua High School to visit their rookie FRC team. While there, they helped them better understand how and what to do with their robot. THe CAD group finished drawing the drive train in CAD, while creating objects for their upcoming animation as well. Meanwhile, the Website team is still updated and improved the site while visual media sub-team started working on this weeks video. To top it all off, our Construction team worked on our drive train.  To be specific, they worked on the gearbox, and polished metal to make it nice and shiny. It was a day filled with hard work and mentoring, which was a day well spent for Team 359.

Shooter Mr.Matsumoto Noah Matt Josh


jandie arnet jacob malorie lee

Halfway through week three and The Hawaiian Kids are making progress in all divisions. Our machinists started working on the robot bumpers while others polished the transmission. They also tested the shooter to check for consistency. The visual media team taped some scenery for their videos as well as their normal routine, which is working on the weekly video and video taping the team. Team 359’s website creators uploaded some past events that were not posted and  they completed their daily articles and pictures as well. The System Control team worked on how to balance the robot on the cooperation bridges. Meanwhile, CAD worked on their animation by creating more props and buildings. Close by, the Composition and Public Relations members worked on the outreach and impact sections of the team’s Engineering Inspiration binder. Along with The Hawaiian Kids’ daily duties, the lead coordinator for Team 2348, the Cool Geeks from Moanalua High School, came and visited our team. Our lead mentor, Glenn Lee, graciously gave our sustainability and program management tips, as well as a little tour of our robotics facilities to show what the whole team was up to. In the background, the middle school VEX team stayed after school to work on their robots for their upcoming competition this weekend. Things are getting busy here at Waialua, and as “crunch time” nears, students and mentors are working extremely hard to get reach their build season goals.

matsunaga tranmission tripp yoshio



Monday January 16,2012

Video Malcom Jandie Jacob

The build season almost halfway done, Team 359 has a lot of work to do. The Hawaiian Kids’ machinists worked on our frame and superstructure, as well as finishing up our drive train. The System Controls team worked on getting debris out of some of our Banebot motors so it will be able to work accordingly. They also worked on the Kinect programming and a balancing assist as well. CAD members continued to work on props and buildings for their animation video. Off in documentation, the visual media team continued to videotape and edit for the weekly video. Meanwhile, CPR members worked on completing the sustainability/ business plan. The Website Creators uploaded many things to the team’s website. Along with their daily updates, they uploaded past events and our team safety tips. They also worked on some general errors  while creating a Vimeo account for the team. That way everyone will be able to watch the videos the visual media team creates on Vimeo and YouTube. Our middle school VEX teams continued to prep for their competition on Saturday as well. They wanted to make sure their robots were in perfect condition so they can compete at the world championship event. All afternoon and into the night, the entire Waialua Robotics Program was working hard to accomplish their goals.

Yoshio Mr.Matsunaga Yoshio Jonathan Mr.Wood




Balance Robot Balance Tripp Yoshio

On the second to last day of week three, not even the heavy rain could stop The Hawaiian Kids from a day of work. Construction machinists worked on our basketball pickup mechanism (off the ground). The System Controls group successfully balanced some of our previous robots on the balancing table and backed up their codes. The CPR members finished the team’s  sustainability/business binder. Meanwhile, CAD worked on their animations scene list, props, and buildings for their animation video. The visual media team videotaped the entire team and continue to work on the weekly video. Lastly, Website Creators did their daily duties and uploaded videos to the team’s Vimeo account as well. With week three almost over and half of build season over, Team 359 still has a lot of work left.

Mr.Matsunaga Yoshio Jandie Megan



Monday January 16,2012

Taping Wink Writing Jandie Group

It’s the last day of week three, halfway through the build season, and there is still lots to do here in Waialua. Our machinists are still hard at work creating the pickup and feeder devices for the robot. Meanwhile, the visual media team recorded the final footage needed so they could put the week three video together. The Website Creators uploaded daily stories and more Safety FIRST information. Just as hard, the System Controls group continued to work on a balance assist for the robot when balancing on the bridge. Working diligently on the animation video, CAD finished the buildings and worked on more props for the animation. Lastly, CPR put the finishing touches on the team’s sustainability/business plan. There is no more time left to be wasted, so The Hawaiian Kids are getting down to business as “crunch time” gets closer.

Malorie Mentors Machine Matsunaga Yoshio


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