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It is now Crunch Time and to start things off the Construction Machinists polished the shooter and then reattached it to the robot. System Controls group then had time to test the robot and reassemble the electronics board. They also worked on the driver dashboard as well. Meanwhile, the CAD members remained in the process of virtually drawing the robot and its numerous parts. On the Documentation side of things, Website Creators uploaded pages for recent events as well as the article and pictures for today. The Visual Media team filmed and edited the week six video while working on the script for the Crunch Time video. The Composition and Public Relations members worked all day to complete and put the final touches on the team’s Engineering Inspiration Binder. It was a productive day for everyone, and Team 359 continues to strive for perfection.

Tyler Driving Practice Polishing



balance drive all kinect

The 2012 FRC build season is almost done and The Hawaiian Kids are working until the finish.  System Control team were given full control of the robot today and they used it wisely. All day long and into the night they worked on troubleshooting encoders and multiple autonomous programs (with and without Kinect). Meanwhile, the Construction Machinists were nearby as a pit crew or making spare parts in the Auto Shop. The Visual Media group were also on hand to film the robot testing, but were also in their room editing the Crunch Time video. The Website Creators uploaded the article and put up the daily pictures as well. Working just as hard as everybody else, CAD members submitted the team’s animation video and worked on making the robot on the CAD program. Today the CPR members started making another Sustainability Plan for future competitions. With the build season nearing completion, everyone is excited and anxious to attend competitions.

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Welcome Robot Driver Guy Balance

Today was an eventful and productive day for all the divisions. The most interesting aspect of the day was our brief trip to Moanalua High School, where they set up a full size playing field for the Hawaii teams’ enjoyment and practice. Before, during, and after our return, machinists finalized the wiring of the robot. System Controls group worked on producing extra working autonomous modes while helping out other teams with their programming and drive code as well. Throughout the day, the Visual Media group video taped the team and edited the weekly video. The Website  Creators took their daily pictures and uploaded the daily things onto the team’s website. The Composition and Public Relations members made worked diligently to complete the copy of the business plan. With only two days left till we bag and tag the robot, Team 359 is still working hard to ensure that everything is done correctly and performs well.

Video Matt Moving Jandie Yoshio


Today was the long awaited end to the build season, and everyone worked hard until the very end, in which we bagged the robot.  The System Controls team worked vigorously to perfect various autonomous modes and finish the wiring of the robot. Nearby, the Construction team once again acted as a pit crew and fixed the robot bumpers. Meanwhile, the Visual Media team filmed designated spokes people and put together the final weekly video of the season. The CAD group continued making the robot in the CAD program. Last but not least, the Composition and Public Relations team members put the finishing touches on the team’s sustainability/business plan. It was a great build season, and even though it has come to an end, Team 359 still continues to donate their time to prepare for their first regional competition, the Hawaii Regional.

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